oPt Humanitarian Fund

29 July 2020 |

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: Fatima is a 51-year-old Palestinian cancer survivor from the Gaza Strip.* Before the symptoms of her illness started, she had worked as a tailor and was the sole breadwinner of her family, which comprises eight members. Since 2012, her husband has suffered from kidney failure and is constantly on pain relief medication, which Fatima thinks has affected his psychological well-being and led to anger management issues. This makes him act violently with Fatima and their children, she says. Their eldest son, 25 years old, is epileptic, and their younger child suffers from a ruptured shoulder joint and cannot move his hands.

23 July 2020 |
The Palestinian herding community of Khirbet ar Ratheem

Sanitation is a basic need, without which health, hygiene, privacy, safety and dignity are undermined. But for many Palestinians in Area C of the West Bank, access to sanitation is scarce.

29 June 2020 |
 “Finally, we could eat real food!” With the help Intisar received, she could start providing her family with varied, healthy food. Photo by Mohamed Reefi for CRS

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: Most Palestinian households in Gaza cannot afford to buy sufficient amounts of nutritious food. Intisar’s family from the village of Az Zawayda is one of them. They are two parents and five children who live together in a small room, in a house shared with their extended family, where thirty people are forced to use a single bathroom. Intisar’s husband has a disability and is unable to work. She takes care of him and their children, and thus cannot seek paid work.

25 June 2020 |
UNRWA New Gaza Elementary Co-Ed school © 2020 UNRWA. Photo by Khalil Adwan

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: When Mohannad started elementary school, it was not an easy period for him. His mother says that her divorce affected him a lot back then. He gradually fell behind and lost his self-confidence. By the time he reached the eighth grade, he could not read, write or count as well as his peers. Having a hard time following his teachers, he would sit in the back of the classroom, bored and lonely, until he eventually dropped out and started wandering the streets.

20 May 2020 |
Ibrahim*, Gaza

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: Ibrahim is a 20-year-old Palestinian, who finished high school, loves playing football and dreams of becoming a psychologist one day. He used to support his family by working in construction or farming, and as a lifeguard. But, according to Ibrahim, on 23 March 2018, this all changed: he was shot in the legs by Israeli forces while farming, near Israel’s perimeter fence around the blockaded Gaza Strip, where a Palestinian demonstration was taking place nearby.

11 May 2020 |

This Annual Report presents information on the achievements of the oPt Humanitarian Fund during the 2019 calendar year. However, because grant allocation, project implementation and reporting processes often take place over multiple years (CBPFs are designed to support ongoing and evolving humanitarian responses)

3 February 2020 |
Jamila Salman. Photo: UN Women/Seung Deok Seo

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: Jamila Salman is a divorced Palestinian, mother of three, from Gaza. In 2008, she graduated with a nursing degree and got married. Throughout her marriage, she had had to endure poverty and violence perpetrated by her drug-addicted husband and his extended family. Fears of social stigma led her own family to oppose her getting a divorce, which she only managed to get in 2015, after telling her family she would commit suicide.

24 December 2019 |
Suhad’s daughter, Muluk (4 years old)

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: Suhad is a 38-year-old Palestinian from Hebron city. She lives in H2, the area that Israel controls directly, where it maintains several settlement compounds and, citing security concerns, severely restricts the movement of Palestinians. For many years, people living there have experienced violence and aggression by Israeli forces and settlers, among other occupation-related practices, and have been among the most vulnerable groups in the West Bank.

2 December 2019 |
Children taking part in group counselling sessions organized by PCDCR as one of the project’s activities.

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: Sami is a 17-year-old boy, who loves singing and is musically gifted. But after being shot in the chest by Israeli forces, during a demonstration near Israel’s perimeter fence with Gaza in May 2018, he set aside his talent and had to focus on recovering. In addition to his physical injury, he became depressed, stopped attending school and isolated himself from his community.

15 October 2019 |

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: Anas Al Maniarawi is a 27-year-old student and aspiring mechanical engineer. He was in his final semester at university when his life was turned upside down. On 18 May 2018, he was hit by live ammunition, during one of the ‘Great March of Return’ (GMR) demonstrations at Israel’s perimeter fence surrounding the Gaza Strip. Anas was shot in his left leg, which had to be amputated below the knee due to muscle and bone damage