oPt Humanitarian Fund

3 February 2020 |
Jamila Salman. Photo: UN Women/Seung Deok Seo

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: Jamila Salman is a divorced Palestinian, mother of three, from Gaza. In 2008, she graduated with a nursing degree and got married. Throughout her marriage, she had had to endure poverty and violence perpetrated by her drug-addicted husband and his extended family. Fears of social stigma led her own family to oppose her getting a divorce, which she only managed to get in 2015, after telling her family she would commit suicide.

24 December 2019 |
Suhad’s daughter, Muluk (4 years old)

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: Suhad is a 38-year-old Palestinian from Hebron city. She lives in H2, the area that Israel controls directly, where it maintains several settlement compounds and, citing security concerns, severely restricts the movement of Palestinians. For many years, people living there have experienced violence and aggression by Israeli forces and settlers, among other occupation-related practices, and have been among the most vulnerable groups in the West Bank.

2 December 2019 |
Children taking part in group counselling sessions organized by PCDCR as one of the project’s activities.

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: Sami is a 17-year-old boy, who loves singing and is musically gifted. But after being shot in the chest by Israeli forces, during a demonstration near Israel’s perimeter fence with Gaza in May 2018, he set aside his talent and had to focus on recovering. In addition to his physical injury, he became depressed, stopped attending school and isolated himself from his community.

15 October 2019 |

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: Anas Al Maniarawi is a 27-year-old student and aspiring mechanical engineer. He was in his final semester at university when his life was turned upside down. On 18 May 2018, he was hit by live ammunition, during one of the ‘Great March of Return’ (GMR) demonstrations at Israel’s perimeter fence surrounding the Gaza Strip. Anas was shot in his left leg, which had to be amputated below the knee due to muscle and bone damage

1 October 2019 |
Ahmed Badawi harvesting eggplants, May 2019. Photo by UAWC

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: Ahmed Badawi is a 48-year-old farmer, who provides for his wife and nine children. The family owns about two acres of land, located 400 metres from Israel’s perimeter fence with Gaza, in the Ash Shuja’iyeh of the Gaza Strip. For many years, Israel has restricted the access of Palestinians to areas near the fence, undermining farming. In addition, since 30 March 2018, Palestinians have been demonstrating there, on an almost-weekly basis, as part of the ‘Great March of Return’ (GMR), causing damage to crops in the process.

27 August 2019 |

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: Sou’ad and Ali are a Palestinian couple from Tall As Sultan refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, who struggle to provide adequate living conditions for their eight children. Until recently, their home was overcrowded and allowed no privacy, as most rooms, including the bathroom, were only separated by curtains. It also had only limited access to water and electricity, making life especially difficult during extreme weather conditions. In 2017, their eight-year-old daughter, Nour, had an accident that left her with severe back injuries that require special care, making the family’s life even tougher.

12 June 2019 |
Children participating in an unstructured psychological support session, Beit Lahyia, the Gaza Strip. Photo by Terre des Hommes Lausanne

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: Nour is a 17-year-old Palestinian from Beit Lahyia (Gaza Strip). When she was four, Nour survived an attack that took place during a round of hostilities, and during which her mother was killed right next to her, leaving deep emotional scars. Her father remarried after her mother’s death and their relationship almost severed. When she turned 16, her father made her drop out of school and tried to force her into early marriage, to protect her from being harassed on her way to school.

17 May 2019 |
Addressing the needs of Gaza patients on the waitlist

Najwa Hamad is a 39-year-old resident of Beit Hanoun, in the northern Gaza Strip. Since she and her husband are unemployed, the family does not have a fixed income and relies on financial assistance from various sources, including their extended family.

14 May 2019 |
Working and dropped out of school children attending a mathematics class at Tdh child protection centre. ©  Photo by Terre des hommes

About 68 per cent of households in Gaza experience severe or moderate levels of food insecurity, and the unemployment rate increased from 44 per cent in 2017 to 52 per cent in 2018.  In an increasingly destabilized economy and weakened social fabric, families’ resilience capacities are increasingly eroded, and the vulnerability of certain groups, particularly children, is exacerbated. Child labour, including children engaging in hazardous occupations, has become a commonly used mechanism to alleviate poverty and secure daily expenses.

29 April 2019 |
Ismael with his children. Photo by GVC

An oPt Humanitarian Fund success story: Ismael Radi is a resident of Al Mughraqa (Abu Middein), in the Gaza Strip. He is married and has five children, three girls and two boys. As the only breadwinner for his family, he struggles to make ends meet, with no regular source of income. For a long time, the family had limited access to water supplies and poor access to the sewage network, resulting in unbearable water, sanitation and hygiene conditions at home. They suffered from bad odours and rodents, and had to spend a lot of money on cesspit vacuuming.