Posted on 31 August 2017

Gaza Strip access and movement - August 2017

OCHA oPt is pleased to share with you a newly-released static map of the Gaza Strip, which features essential key facts, GIS layers, visuals and graphs that highlight among others:

  • Population figures disaggregated by age and with breakdown per governorate/city as well as number of registered refugees with UNRWA;
  • Unemployment rates;
  • Built-up areas within each governorate, including cities and refugee camps;
  • Physical closures, including the perimeter fence, and restricted areas on land;
  • Access restrictions at sea; and
  • Key facts on energy, water and sanitation.

Printed copies (A0 and A3 size) are available from our office in East Jerusalem.

OCHA’s West Bank Access Map, updated and shared earlier this year, is available online, at the link below, or in hard copy from our office.