Sabrine An Najjar


occupied Palestinian territory

Sabrine An Najjar

Sabrine An Najjar speaks of her daughter, Razan, with great pride. Compassionate, dedicated to helping others, full of love. Last year, Razan died when trying to save the lives of others. She was 21-years-old.

“The death of my beloved daughter was a turning point in my life,” said Sabrine, whose daughter was fatally shot while trying to reach some of the dozens of women, men and children injured while participating in demonstrations around the “Great March of Return” near the perimeter fence in the Gaza Strip. 

To get through some of the pain, Sabrine, who lives in Khan Younis, did the only thing that made sense to her as a mom. She became a first responder – not only in tribute to her daughter’s memory but also for the future of her five other children. 

The most important thing Sabrine has learned from Razan, she said, is to show full commitment and compassion to those her daughter sought to help. Honouring her memory by moving forward with unconditional love and sincerity and to help others who are in need is the way she is coping with the loss of who she calls her “little angle”

She now volunteers with the Palestinian Medical Relief Society PMRS health team to provide both paramedics and anyone in need of assistance with her full support.

She is now trained in first aid and how to work in the field. But she wants to do even more despite the continued risks that ultimately claimed the life of her daughter. 

“We are exposed to all kinds of threats at any moment, despite the humanitarian work we do,” said An Najjar, noting that medical workers in Gaza continue to face “huge struggles and challenges.”

Since 30 March 2018, WHO reports that three health workers have been killed and over 800 injured (as of 31 July 2019), while treating the wounded during demonstrations in Gaza.

Sabrine has also become a leader in her community, advocating for human rights and supporting other mothers who have lost their children.  She hopes that there will be a day where no other mother has to go through what she did.

“I wish that one day Palestinians can live in peace and have their freedom,” she said. In the meanwhile Sabrine serves as an inspiration to her fellow colleagues and community, while following her daughter’s journey and trying to achieve Razan‘s dream.