Building a better future for Bedouin women and girls


occupied Palestinian territory

Building a better future for Bedouin women and girls

Hanaa' Rajeh Al Farajeen

My name is Hanaa' Rajeh Al Farajeen. I live in one of the Bedouin communities in Hebron. I am a manager in a kindergarten and a member of the Bedouin Women’s Protection Committee in our community, established to support various needs of women and girls in Bedouin communities.

Through the Committee, I have been building relationships with various institutions to help other women in my community to receive psychosocial, economic, health or educational assistance. It is not always easy as the decision makers do not respond quickly to our requests to provide the missing services and improve the level of existing services. Besides, some women cannot come to receive services that are available, due to traditional norms and views in the community about receiving such support.

However, many women have overcome the obstacles and came to receive services. Now they also actively voice their concerns and hopes, which provides great motivation and inspiration for me. I will continue to support women in my community so that they can enjoy a better future for their children and themselves.

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