Settler-related Violence

The dashboard found below tracks incidents that took place in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, since January 2017, involving Israeli settlers and other Israeli civilians as either perpetrators or victims. Data going back to January 2006 will be added soon.  

With the support of our humanitarian partners, OCHA monitors and provides evidence-based analysis on incidents to identify areas where people may need humanitarian assistance or protection, and engage with relevant stakeholders to advocate for policy changes.  

Click, tap or hover over the charts to interact with the data; you can apply filters by using a time period, area, type of incident and affiliation of the perpetrator. 

For more background information on the humanitarian impact of Israeli settlement activities see OCHA’s Factsheet

For additional data on conflict-related casualties see OCHA casualty dashboard


Definitions and clarifications

What incidents are included?

ncidents involving violence, intimidation or trespass carried out by or against Israeli settlers and other Israeli civilians in the West Bank. In some cases, the identification of an assailant or a victim as an Israeli settler is presumed based on the circumstances of the case, alongside information provided by witnesses and authorities, among other sources. The determination of whether an incident is against Palestinians or Israeli settlers is based on the identity of the initiator; for example, a stabbing attack by a Palestinian against a settler, which resulted in the injury/killing of the assailant, will be classified as an incident against Israeli settlers.

Filtering by incidents’ results

  1. CASUALTY: including deaths or injuries. Only cases of bodily harm that required medical treatment are included. Psychological shock is not counted as an injury.
  2. Property damage: include all types of destruction, damaging and vandalism of all types of property. Theft of equipment, livestock and produce, among other objects, are included. The takeover of land is not considered a property damage incident, unless it involved the levelling of cultivated land.
    BOTH: combine the previous two categories.
  3. NEITHER casualties or property damage: include incidents of intimidation, such as a physical assault or shooting not causing injury, or trespass. Figures from this category are not comprehensive

Filtering by perpetrator

The perpetrator is the person who caused the specific casualty or property damage, identified as a result. In the case of incidents against Palestinians, the perpetrator can be an Israeli settler, a member of the security forces who intervened in a settler-related incident, or both.

In the case of an incident against Israeli settlers, perpetrators are classified as either Palestinian civilians, or a generic category “other”. The latter may include members of the Palestinian security forces or of armed groups.

Sources of the data

Information about settler-related incidents targeting Palestinians is collected from a variety of sources, including municipal authorities, Palestinian District Coordination Offices (DCO), UN agencies, human rights organizations and media reports. Depending on the reported impact of an incident, OCHA would conduct a field visit and an initial needs assessment.

The main sources for incidents against settlers are media reports, Israeli authorities, and Israeli civil society organizations.

While incident against Palestinians are validated by at least two independent and reliable sources, most incidents against settlers are entered based on one source.