Interactive charts on emergency fuel

These interactive charts illustrate the amounts of emergency fuel that went into Gaza every year since 2013 and the number of facilities benefitting from this aid. Users can filter or break down the data by year, month, sector, facility and donor.


Shohada Al Aqsa hospital, Gaza. Photo by OCHAReliable and affordable energy supply is crucial for the delivery of basic services such as health, water, sewage and education. However, in the Gaza Strip, home to almost 2 million Palestinians, a chronic electricity deficit has for more than a decade disrupted the delivery of such services.

To allow for the maintenance of a minimum level of critical services, humanitarian agencies provide donor-funded emergency fuel to the most vital, life-saving health, water and sanitation facilities.

Deliveries started in November 2013 and, by December 2017, the number of critical facilities needing fuel had reached to 247.