GBV monthly reporting system in the oPt

The dashboard below is made of aggregated data about Gender Based Violence (GBV) reported by the GBV sub cluster members in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Data is collected on GBV registered cases; cases treated; survivors’ profile; type of violence; and the services provision to the GBV survivors by different stakeholders on a quarterly basis. This system is meant to be used by humanitarian actors to save and analyze GBV incident data, and facilitate the safe and ethical sharing of GBV information with other local actors, including duty-bearers and decision-makers.

Click, tap or hover over the charts to interact with the data; you can apply filters by time, area, context and affiliation of the casualties.

Full database

Password-protected access for humanitarian agencies


Definitions and clarifications

Gender Based Violence

An umbrella term for any harmful act that is perpetrated against a person’s will, and that is based on socially ascribed (gender) differences between males and females

Physical violence

An act of physical violence that is not sexual in nature. Example include: hitting, slapping, choking, cutting, shoving, burning, shooting or use of any weapons, acid attacks or any other act that results in pain, discomfort or injury.

Forced marriage

Forced marriage is the marriage of an individual against her or his will. Child marriage is a formal marriage or informal union before age 18.10 Even though some countries permit marriage before age 18, international human rights standards classify these as child marriages, reasoning that those under age 18 are unable to give informed consent. Therefore, child marriage is a form of forced marriage as children are not legally competent to agree to such unions.

Resource denial

Denial of rightful access to economic resources/assets or livelihoods opportunities, education, health or other social services. Examples include a widow prevented from receiving an inheritance, earnings forcibly taken by an intimate partner or family member, a woman prevented from using contraceptives, a girl prevented from attending school, etc. ‘Economic abuse’ is included in this category. Some acts of confinement may also fall under this category.

Psychological abuse

Infliction of mental or emotional pain or injury. Examples include: threats of physical or sexual violence, intimidation, humiliation, forced isolation, social exclusion, stalking, verbal harassment, unwanted attention, remarks, gestures or written words of a sexual and/or menacing nature, destruction of cherished things, etc. ‘Sexual harassment’ is included in this category of GBV.

Sexual assault

Any form of non-consensual sexual contact that does not result in or include penetration. Examples include: attempted rape, as well as unwanted kissing, fondling, or touching of genitalia and buttocks


Physically forced or otherwise coerced penetration—even if slight—of The vagina, anus or mouth with a penis or other body part. It also includes penetration of the vagina or anus with an object. Rape includes marital rape and anal rape/sodomy. The attempt to do so is known as attempted rape. Rape of a person by two or more perpetrators is known as gang rape.