Posted on 4 July 2016
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Significant rise in agricultural exports and transfers from Gaza

Strawberry crops, northern Gaza, February 2016. Photo by WHO

The revenue from agricultural exports and transfers from the Gaza Strip during the first half of 2016 totaled $5.6 million, representing a three-fold increase compared with the equivalent period of 2015. Around 65 per cent of these revenues came from three types of produce: tomatoes, lemon, and cucumbers.  The marketing of Gazan strawberries in the West Bank resumed in January 2016 following a ban by the Israeli authorities during the previous 12 months. Due to the late start (January as opposed to November), the volume of strawberries sold declined by 41 per cent compared with the previous season.

Chart: Number of truckloads exiting GazaAgriculture accounts for 5.2 percent of the Gaza Strip’s GDP and employs 6.6 percent of its workers; as such, agriculture remains a key sector of the Gazan economy. Despite the recent improvement in performance, more consistent and predictable trade arrangements for all destinations and products would allow for improved and more sustainable agricultural productivity.

* This article was contributed by FAO