Humanitarian Access Snapshot - Gaza Strip | End-February 2024


Despite facing extreme challenges for humanitarian work, including two operational pauses and the continuation of extreme constraints on humanitarian movement and operations in February, there was nevertheless a significant scale-up in humanitarian efforts. This period witnessed a 48% increase in the overall number of coordinated humanitarian missions facilitated by the Israeli authorities across Gaza, climbing from 75 in January to 111 in February. However, the effectiveness of these expanded efforts was undermined by a cessation of operations to the north and an overall decline in the security of civilians, including humanitarian aid workers. This decline was chiefly attributable to the diminished presence of local police, following a spate of attacks by Israeli forces that led to police casualties. The resultant deterioration in law and order imposed severe access constraints, significantly impeding the movement of aid within and across Gaza. In the face of these formidable obstacles, the humanitarian operations in February demonstrated a resolute commitment to ramping up aid, highlighting an enduring determination to surmount the hurdles encountered.