Gaza Strip: Escalation of hostilities as of 3 June 2021

The period between 10-21 May 2021 has seen the gravest escalation in hostilities between Palestinian armed factions and Israel since 2014. In Gaza, this has worsened the already poor humanitarian situation, including due to the killing and maiming of civilians, the destruction or damage of homes and infrastructure, the severe disruption in the supply of basic services, and the internally displacement of people. The outbreak of hostilities followed weeks of rising tensions in East Jerusalem, focused around the threat of eviction of Palestinian families and access restrictions in the Old City.

Disclaimer: Those reported as civilians are individuals that are not members of armed forces and were not directly participating in hostilities at the time that they were killed. Whether an individual is qualified as civilian or not, has no bearing on the legality of the killing. Data is based on information from at least three independent and reliable sources at the time of reporting. As further verified information becomes available, the number of fatalities in total, and in any of the categories, may change. Where not specified, data are from OCHA, UNRWA, WASH cluster, Health Cluster, Education Cluster, MoPWH.