170 Palestinians and 26 Israelis killed in 2015

Jerusalem, 30 December 2015 – Preliminary analysis of data collected by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) indicates that 170 Palestinians and 26 Israelis were killed during 2015 (until 28 December) in attacks and clashes in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel.

Some 83 per cent (141) of the Palestinian and 85 per cent (22) of the Israeli fatalities were recorded since the start of the current escalation of violence on 1 October. Approximately 63 per cent of the Palestinian fatalities since 1 October were perpetrators or alleged perpetrators of attacks against Israelis.

OCHA also recorded 15,377 Palestinian and 350 Israeli injuries during the year. Over 90 per cent of the Palestinian injuries were recorded in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, the vast majority during demonstrations and clashes. About 56 per cent of the injuries resulted from tear gas inhalation requiring a medical intervention; 25 per cent from rubber (or rubber-coated) bullets; 14 per cent from live ammunition; and the rest from physical assault and other means.

During 2015, the Israeli authorities demolished or dismantled 539 Palestinian-owned structures throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, displacing 742 Palestinians and otherwise affecting an additional 2,600 people. The vast majority of these structures were destroyed for lack of Israeli-issued building permits. Nineteen family and neighbouring homes of Palestinians accused of attacks against Israelis were destroyed on punitive grounds.

OCHA’s data on casualties includes incidents that occurred outside the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) only if they involved residents of the oPt as either victims or perpetrators. Figures on Israeli injuries are based on media reports. Figures are preliminary and cover 1 January through 28 December 2015.