Humanitarian Response Plan 2021

Available Humanitarian Response Plans:

The humanitarian community in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) has developed a strategic plan for the oPt every year since 2003. The current Humanitarian Response Plan covers 2021 and focuses on addressing needs identified in the Humanitarian Needs Overview, in Area C, Hebron H2 and East Jerusalem in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


Developed amid rising needs and increasing challenges to the work of humanitarian actors, the 2021 Humanitarian Response Plan focuses on three strategic priorities:


Strategic Objective 1

The rights of Palestinians living under occupation, including those living under the blockade and other restrictions, are pro¬tec¬ted, respected and pro¬m¬oted in accordance with Inter¬national Humanitarian Law and Inter¬national Human Rights Law, while duty-bearers are increa¬singly held to account.

Strategic Objective 2

The basic needs of vulnerable Palestinians living under occupation are met through the provision of quality basic services and improved access to resources, in accordance with the rights of protected persons under international humanitarian law.

Strategic Objective 3

The capacity of vulnerable Palestinians to cope with, and overcome, a protracted crisis, including from environmental threats, is supported, while solutions to violations and other root causes of threats and shocks are pursued.

People in need

People inneed

People Targeted


Requirements (US$)


The humanitarian community has identified 2.45 million Palestinians as being in need for support. Through this plan, it aims to target 1.8 million of them, based on the maximum number of vulnerable people who can realistically be reached given highly-restricted capabilities in the current political and resource climate.