Reda Al Masri


occupied Palestinian territory

Reda Al Masri

Reda Almasri, 28, began volunteering as a paramedic with the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) in Gaza in 2011. She has been providing first aid to those injured near the Gaza fence with Israel since the start of the “Great March of Return” demonstrations on 30 March 2018, alongside her colleagues. 

“When we go to the fence to provide care, we often risk our own lives and health, we know that we might be injured or even killed, but we have to help those in need,” she said. She has firsthand experience of attacks against health care workers, having suffered from tear gas inhalation while providing care to the wounded. 

“All of my colleagues were affected by a tear gas,” Reda reported. “Instead of helping others, we were providing first aid to ourselves. We went to the hospital to receive healthcare, but came back because people need our help.” 

The tear gas inhalation has not prevented Reda from continuing her work. “Considering the situation in Gaza, with many people being at risk of injury, I use every opportunity to learn and enhance my skills to be able to provide first aid to myself, my family and others. This is the least I can do.”

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