14 May 2020 |

Fifty-nine (59) Palestinians, including four children, were injured in multiple incidents and clashes with Israeli forces across the West Bank. Of these injuries, 35 were treated after inhaling tear gas, 13 were shot with live ammunition, eight hit by rubber bullets and three were physically assaulted.

12 May 2020 |
Aid delivered to Palestinian families in Khallet Sakariya (Bethlehem). Photo by Mohammad Amayreh

15 new COVID-19 cases; no new deaths recorded. Palestinian workers in Israel to be covered by health insurance, following a court petition. Revised Inter-Agency Response Plan for COVID-19 crisis is 50 per cent funded.

11 May 2020 |

This Annual Report presents information on the achievements of the oPt Humanitarian Fund during the 2019 calendar year. However, because grant allocation, project implementation and reporting processes often take place over multiple years (CBPFs are designed to support ongoing and evolving humanitarian responses)

5 May 2020 |
Health staff from an UNRWA-run health centre in Rafah, Gaza, delivering medications to elderly Palestine refugees in the wake of COVID-19. Photo by UNRWA/Khalil Adwan

25 new COVID-19 cases in the West Bank, most in East Jerusalem; no new cases in Gaza. Decline reported in public compliance with restrictions and guidelines throughout oPt. Revised Inter-Agency Response Plan for COVID-19 crisis is 33 per cent funded. 

30 April 2020 |
On 22 April, two ramming attacks by Palestinians at Israeli checkpoints resulted in the injury of three Israelis and the killing of one of the perpetrators. In one of the incidents, a 25-year-old Palestinian man drove his car into a Border Police officer staffing the Wadi an Nar checkpoint (Jerusalem), which controls all Palestinian traffic between the southern and northern West Bank, and injured him. The attacker stepped out of the vehicle and attempted to stab the officer, before being shot and killed by Israeli forces. In the other incident, according to Israeli media, a Palestinian-plated car drove at an ad-hoc checkpoint near the Israeli settlement of Ateret (Ramallah), injuring another Border Police officer and an Israeli civilian, and fled the area
28 April 2020 |
UNRWA staff packing food for Palestine refugees in the Gaza Strip. Photo by UNRWA.

The majority of new COVID-19 cases in East Jerusalem. The Palestinian Authority’s fiscal deficit may reach US$ 2 billion by the end of 2020. Revised Inter-Agency Response Plan, requesting $42.4 million for COVID-19 crisis.

22 April 2020 |
WHO delivering supplies to health authorities in Gaza. Photo by WHO

First fatality from COVID-19 recorded in East Jerusalem. First new COVID-19 cases in Gaza reported in nearly two weeks. The Inter-Agency Response Plan for the COVID-19 crisis is currently under revision to include emerging needs.

20 April 2020 |
Two homes and two other donor-funded structures demolished in Ein ar Rashash herding community (Ramallah), 9 March 2020. Photo by Ein ar Rashash community member.

Halt in demolitions of inhabited homes during COVID-19 emergency. Concern over ongoing demolition of hygiene-related structures. 16 aid structures, including EU-funded, were demolished or seized.

16 April 2020 |

On 1 April, a 22-year-old Palestinian man died of wounds he sustained on 11 March, after he was shot by Israeli forces during a demonstration in Beita village, south of Nablus. Demonstrations in the village against repeated attempts by Israeli settlers to take over a nearby hill located in Area B have been ongoing since late February and triggered intense clashes with Israeli forces. These protests resulted in two Palestinian fatalities, one of whom was a child, and over 380 injuries; no Israeli injury was reported.

14 April 2020 |
Volunteers from the Aida Youth Centre put together food parcels to deliver to needy families around the camp. Photo by UNRWA

Second fatality recorded in the oPt. Undocumented COVID-19 cases in East Jerusalem of increasing concern. The Inter-Agency Response Plan for the COVID-19 crisis, over 80 per cent funded, is currently under revision to include critical emerging needs.