West Bank demolitions and displacement

20 April 2020 |
Two homes and two other donor-funded structures demolished in Ein ar Rashash herding community (Ramallah), 9 March 2020. Photo by Ein ar Rashash community member.

Halt in demolitions of inhabited homes during COVID-19 emergency. Concern over ongoing demolition of hygiene-related structures. 16 aid structures, including EU-funded, were demolished or seized.

19 March 2020 |
The Israeli authorities seize a commercial structure in Al Hijra (Hebron) on the grounds of Military Order 1797 on 6 February 2020. Photo by OCHA.

Ten donor-funded structures demolished or seized. Rise in demolitions and seizures through the use of Military Order 1797. Punitive demolition triggers clashes resulting in two deaths.

15 February 2020 |
Children playing by their demolished home in Jabal Al Mukabbir, East Jerusalem, 13 January 2019.

The first month of 2020 recorded the demolition/seizure of 11 donor-funded structures. The use of Military Order 1797 in Area C continued in 2020. 53 per cent of targeted structures in East Jerusalem were demolished by their owners.

21 January 2020 |

A 35 and 95 per cent increase in demolitions and displaced persons in 2019, compared with 2018. 127 donor-funded structures were demolished or seized in 2019, a doubling compared with 2018. 204 structures demolished in East Jerusalem this year, a record high over the past two decades. Since July, 19 structures, including six provided as humanitarian assistance, were demolished on the basis of Military Order 1797.

20 December 2019 |

In November 2019, 64 Palestinian-owned structures were demolished or seized, displacing 141 people, including 71 children, and otherwise affecting the livelihoods or access to services of over 400 others. Fifty-seven of these structures, located in Area C or East Jerusalem, were targeted on grounds of lack of building permits, while the other seven, in an Area B community, were demolished on punitive grounds.

22 November 2019 |
Demolition of under-construction home in Beit Ummar (Hebron), 3 October, 2019. Photo by OCHA

In October 2019, the Israeli authorities demolished or seized 50 Palestinian-owned structures, displacing 80 people, including 41 children, and otherwise affecting the livelihoods or access to services of 216 others. All but two structures were demolished or seized due to the lack of building permits, which are nearly impossible or Palestinians to obtain.

21 October 2019 |
Donor funded residential structure demolished in Khallet Athaba’ (Hebron), 11 September 2019.

42 per cent increase in demolitions since the start of 2019 compared to same period in 2018. New demolitions in a south Hebron ‘firing zone’, exacerbate risk of forcible transfer. 17 donor-funded structures demolished or seized and three placed at risk.

19 September 2019 |
Demolished residence in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem, 23 August. Photo by OCHA.

Military order allowing expedited demolitions was implemented again during August. Seven donor-funded structures demolished or seized and 11 placed at risk. 37 per cent increase in demolitions since the start of 2019 compared to 2018. 

22 August 2019 |
Demolition of six donor-funded residences and livelihood tents in Khirbet ar Ras al Ahmar (Tubas) on 30 July. Photo by OCHA.

Number of persons displaced so far this year exceeds total for 2018. Ten buildings near the Barrier demolished on security grounds. 24 donor-funded structures demolished or seized during July, the largest such figure in a single month since January 2017.

29 July 2019 |
Demolition of three donated residences in Halaweh community (south Hebron) on 17 June.

The first half of 2019 has recorded an increase of 50 per cent in overall demolitions and 78 per cent in donor-funded structures demolished, compared to the equivalent period in 2018. Six communities in firing zones across the West Bank targeted with demolitions. 20 donor-funded structures were demolished or seized, and four others reportedly stolen by settlers.