West Bank demolitions and displacement

16 April 2021 |
A demolished home in Khallet Athaba’ (Hebron), where six Palestinians, including four children, were displaced on 2 March 2021. Photo by OCHA.

The targeting of donor-funded aid more than doubled in the first quarter of 2021, compared with the monthly average in 2020. Jordan Valley community at risk of mass-demolition after 29 humanitarian aid structures were handed demolition orders. Re-activation of demolition orders in Al Bustan area of Silwan (East Jerusalem), raises risk of mass displacement.

16 March 2021 |
Humsa – Al Bqai’a (Tubas), where 55 Palestinians, including 32 children, were displaced on 1 February 2021. Photo by OCHA.

82 structures, including 65 donorfunded, demolished or confiscated in five incidents in Humsa – Al Bqai’a (Tubas). 77 humanitarian aid structures, including 47 EU-funded, targeted in February. So far in 2021, the targeting of EUfunded aid structures tripled compared with the monthly average in 2020. Israeli settlers damaged and stole donor-funded aid.

16 February 2021 |
Seizure incident in Hammamat Al Maleh Al Burj community (Tubas), affecting 46 people, including 25 children, 26 January 2021. Photo by OCHA.

14 per cent increase in targeting of structures during January, compared with the 2020 monthly average. Nearly 60 per cent of targeted structures in Area C seized without prior warning. Under-construction mosque demolished on the basis of Military Order 1797 in Hebron governorate. Israeli settlers damage donor-funded aid structures.

19 January 2021 |

2020 marks a four-year high in demolitions and displacements, including incidents affecting donorfunded structures. Court injunction postpones mass demolitions in the Massafer Yatta area of Hebron until April 2021. Slight decline in demolitions during December, compared with the 2020 monthly average.

17 December 2020 |
Mass-demolition in Humsa Al Bqai’a (Tubas) on 3 November, 2020. Photo by OCHA

Record number of demolitions and seizures since OCHA started documenting this practice in 2009. The freeze on the demolition of inhabited homes in East Jerusalem was discontinued on 11 November. 75 per cent of a Jordan Valley herding community demolished. Infrastructure dismantlement disrupts water supply to 700 people.

18 November 2020 |
The Israeli authorities remove part of a donor-funded network supplying water to eight communities in Massafer Yatta (Hebron), 28 October 2020. Photo by Alliance for Human Rights.

Removal of donor-funded network disrupts water supply to over 1,000 people in herding communities. Requisitioning of structures without prior notice continues. Freeze on the demolition of inhabited homes in East Jerusalem holds. Punitive sealing in Ya’bad village (Jenin) displaces a family of ten.

22 October 2020 |
Arabic lesson in the Ras at Tin school, at risk of demolition. © Photo by OCHA

21 donor-funded aid structures demolished or seized. Donor-funded school faces imminent risk of demolition. Nearly a third of all structures targeted were requisitioned without prior notice. Freeze on the demolition of inhabited homes announced on 1 October in East Jerusalem.

17 September 2020 |
فلسطينيون يهدمون منزلهم في خربة خميس (القدس الشرقية)، 10 آب/أغسطس 2020  وكانت الأسرة قد دفعت غرامات قدرها 150,000 شيكل منذ أن انتقلت إلى منزلها

Sharp increase in demolition- related displacements in August. 21 stuctures demolished or sized within or next to the E1 settlement expansion area. Over half of demolitions in East Jerusalem in 2020 carried out by the structures’ owners. Seven donor-funded aid structures demolished/seized, while another nine placed at risk.

26 August 2020 |
One home demolished in Abu George Bedouin - Nkheila community (Jerusalem), 8 July 2020. The family is facing its second demolition and displacement in one month. Photo by OCHA.

27 inhabited homes demolished since the start of the pandemic, despite announced moratorium. Ten additional structures demolished using expedited procedure (Military Order 1797). Four humanitarian aid structures demolished and another eight placed at risk.

15 July 2020 |
One of eight demolished homes in Mirkez community in the Massafer Yatta area (Hebron), 3 June 2020. Photo by OCHA.

100 structures demolished or seized in June, the highest level since January 2017. Of the targeted structures, ten were humanitarian aid, including a tent used as a quarantine site. Only six out of 700 housing units announced for Palestinians in Area C were issued permits.