Special Focus

13 November 2007 |
Barrier Gate

OCHA-UNRWA Special Focus detailing preliminary findings of survey of Barrier-affected communities in the northern West Bank.

31 August 2007 |

Since September 2000, 5,848 people have been killed in the conflict - 4,228 have been Palestinians, 1024 were Israelis and 63 were foreigners. This report analyses the key trends of these fatalities. In particular: the high proportion of civilians killed; the sharp decline in Israeli deaths and continuing high rate of Palestinians killed; the high proportion of child fatalities and the sharp rise in deaths from internal Palestinian violence.

9 July 2007 |
Sahel gate, for access to agricultural land in the Seam Zone. OCHA, 2007

Three years ago (9 July 2004), the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued an advisory opinion stating that the route of Israel’s Barrier in the West Bank, and its associated regime of permits and restrictions, constitute a serious breach of international law. In this special focus, OCHA looks at several communities of the northern West Bank, severed by the Barrier from their neighbouring communities, from agricultural lands and livelihoods.

15 May 2007 |

Electrical capacity in the Gaza Strip remains insufficient and power cuts will ensue in the coming weeks coinciding with the summer peak demand. Solutions are available however the Palestinian Energy Authority does not have the necessary funds.

28 April 2007 |

1. Palestinian Finance Under Siege: Economic Decline and Institutional Degradation by Karim Nashashibi, the former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the West Bank and Gaza Strip 2. The Impact of the Palestinian Authority’s Year of Decline on its Employees. The Case of Jeninץ

18 April 2007 |

After a near total ban on fishing since June 2006, fishermen have finally been allowed back into coastal waters off the Gaza Strip for the high season.

14 November 2006 |

This Special focus contains Two reports. The first part focuses on the access to farming land a and the barrier. The other part, on the Israeli targeting and raids on Islamic Charities.