Humanitarian Bulletin

10 August 2016 |

Suspected ERW in Gaza has killed and injured more than 100 since the end of the 2014 hostilities. Planned easing of access restrictions for Palestinians in Ramadan partially frozen after fatal Tel Aviv attack. New project will target vulnerable communities in Area C with water consumption of less than 30 litres per capita per day. East Jerusalem Palestinian localities behind the Barrier lack adequate infrastructure, facilities and services.

4 July 2016 |
A mother and son in the orthopedic department at Ash Shifa hospital, Gaza City, October 2015

Over half of Gaza’s seashore is severely polluted and unsuitable for swimming due to the shortage of adequate sanitation infrastructure. All the health facilities in Gaza damaged or destroyed during the 2014 hostilities have been rehabilitated, with the exception of a totally-destroyed hospital lacking the necessary funding. Living conditions in a Jerusalem suburb, Az Za’ayem, deteriorated due to the Barrier and related access restrictions, triggering significant displacement. Over 62,000 dunums were ratified as “state land”in 2015, the largest total since 2005; this is a step prior to the allocation of land for settlement expansion.

3 June 2016 |
Dkaika, Photo by OCHA

Bedouin community in the Hebron area is at heightened risk of forcible transfer. Cement imports resume to the private sector in Gaza after a 45-day suspension. Permit approval rates for national staff working with international organizations to exit and enter the Gaza Strip have decreased significantly in 2016.

26 April 2016 |
Khan al Ahmar (Jerusalem), 7 April 2016. Photo by OCHA

The number of Palestinian homes and livelihoods demolished by Israeli authorities in the West Bank so far in 2016 (as of mid-April), and the number of people displaced as a result, already exceeds the equivalent figures for the entire 2015. About 17 per cent of the homes destroyed or severely damaged during the 2014 hostilities in Gaza had been reconstructed; an estimated 75,000 people remain displaced. Palestinian rocket fire into southern Israel and Israeli airstrikes into Gaza continue putting civilian lives at risk and exacerbate the risk of further large-scale escalation; two Palestinian children killed in March.

16 March 2016 |
Large demolition incident in Al Farisiya, Jordan Valley, 11 February 2016. Photo by OCHA

Alarming rise in demolitions and displacement in the West Bank, mainly on grounds of lack of building permits; a third of the affected structures had been provided as humanitarian assistance. The frequency and intensity of protests and clashes declined in early 2016, alongside a moderate fall in attacks against Israelis, compared with the last quarter of 2015. Revision of food assistance rations in Gaza expected to improve health and nutritional values, public acceptability to local food habits, and logistical operations. INGO project targeting water needs and resilience of IDPs in eastern Khan Younis (Gaza) completed with funding by the Humanitarian Pooled Fund (HPF).

9 February 2016 |

Reconstruction or repair of the homes of 74 per cent of families displaced during the 2014 hostilities in the Gaza Strip is yet to start, exacerbating frustration and vulnerability. New movement obstacles across West Bank roads impede access to services and undermine economic activity, directly impacting on at least 850,000 Palestinians, the majority in Hebron governorate. Increase in the number of Palestinian children in Israeli custody, alongside concerns over their conditions of detention and allegations of violence against them.

7 January 2016 |
Home in the herding community of Al Hadidiya demolished due to lack of building permits, 26 November 2015. Photo by OCHA.

Israeli measures in November and December target twelve vulnerable Palestinian herding communities in Area C of the West Bank. The volume of goods marketed outside Gaza in 2015 (Jan-Nov) increased more than five-fold compared with 2014. The 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan for the oPt requests US$571 million for a range of interventions, 19 per cent lower than that of 2015.

8 December 2015 |
Ras al Amud neighborhood, East Jerusalem, November 2015. Photo by OCHA

Hebron city: intensified movement restrictions amidst raising violence undermine access to basic services and livelihoods. Punitive demolitions continue: over 100 family members and neighbours of suspected perpetrators forcibly displaced. Sharp increase in medical referrals out of Gaza alongside decline in the rate of approval for exit permits.

10 November 2015 |
Clashes near Rachel's Tomb, Bethlehem.

Rise in violence across the oPt and Israel results in record-high casualties. Reconstruction of 1,134 homes totally destroyed during the 2014 hostilities underway. Olive Harvest: concerns over access restrictions in certain areas.

28 September 2015 |
Trees uprooted in the context of Barrier construction in Bethlehem area. Photo by OCHA.jpg

Import restrictions impede delivery of services and humanitarian assistance in Gaza. Barrier construction resumes in Bethlehem. Highest number of structures demolished in West Bank in a single month in five years.