5 March 2021 |

Seventeen Palestinians and five Israeli Border Police officers were injured in the West Bank. Among the Palestinians, a 16-year-old boy was shot by Israeli forces with live ammunition, reportedly while walking near the Barrier in Saffa village (Ramallah). Seven others were wounded in protests against the establishment of a settlement outpost on Beit Dajan land (Nablus) and against settlement expansion in Kafr Qaddum (Qalqiliya). Two Palestinians were injured in clashes that erupted during two search-and-arrest operations in Ad Duheisha refugee camp (Bethlehem) and Abu Shukheidim village (Ramallah).

5 March 2021 |
Photo by WHO.

In February, active cases more than double in the West Bank, decline significantly in Gaza. Public health restrictions ended in Gaza but extended in the West Bank. The Palestinian Ministry of Health launches its vaccination campaign.

19 February 2021 |

On 5 February, an Israeli settler shot and killed a 34-year-old Palestinian near a newly-constructed settlement outpost next to the village of Ras Karkar (Ramallah); Israeli military sources said that he had tried to break into a house in the outpost. Subsequent clashes in his village (Ras Karkar) resulted in the injury of one Palestinian and one Israeli soldier. Another Palestinian, aged 25, was killed in Nuba (Hebron), when an unexploded ordnance he found near his house exploded.

16 February 2021 |
Seizure incident in Hammamat Al Maleh Al Burj community (Tubas), affecting 46 people, including 25 children, 26 January 2021. Photo by OCHA.

14 per cent increase in targeting of structures during January, compared with the 2020 monthly average. Nearly 60 per cent of targeted structures in Area C seized without prior warning. Under-construction mosque demolished on the basis of Military Order 1797 in Hebron governorate. Israeli settlers damage donor-funded aid structures.

4 February 2021 |

Two Palestinians reportedly tried to stab Israeli forces and were subsequently shot and killed. On 26 January, a 17-year-old Palestinian boy tried to stab a female Israeli soldier near the settlement of Ariel (Salfit), according to Israeli sources, and was then shot and killed;  while Palestinian media outlets suggested that this was not a stabbing attempt, Israeli media outlets indicated that the soldier had to be treated for light injuries. On 31 January, a 36-year-old Palestinian man ran towards Israeli soldiers, near the Gush Etzion settlement area (Bethlehem), reportedly holding an improvised weapon, and was shot and killed.

28 January 2021 |
Photo by UNRWA

Thirty-seven per cent decline in active cases throughout the oPt. Public health restrictions further eased in Gaza. Israel temporarily closes air and land crossings to halt the spread of new COVID-19 variants. 

22 January 2021 |

Two Palestinians reportedly attacked Israelis in two separate incidents and were subsequently shot; one was killed and the other injured. On 5 January, at the Gush Etzion junction (Hebron), a 25-year-old Palestinian man approached the security coordinator of an Israeli settlement and threw a knife at him, following which the latter shot and killed him, according to Israeli sources. On 13 January, at a checkpoint in the old city of Hebron, a Palestinian man reportedly tried to stab a Border Police officer and was then shot and injured by Israeli forces. The day before, at Qalandiya checkpoint (Jerusalem), a Palestinian man reportedly attacked an Israeli security guard with a screwdriver and was subsequently arrested.

19 January 2021 |

2020 marks a four-year high in demolitions and displacements, including incidents affecting donorfunded structures. Court injunction postpones mass demolitions in the Massafer Yatta area of Hebron until April 2021. Slight decline in demolitions during December, compared with the 2020 monthly average.

14 January 2021 |

Thirty-four per cent decline in active cases throughout the oPt. Public health restrictions eased slightly in the West Bank and Gaza. The Palestinian Authority (PA) secures provision of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.