17 September 2020 |

Sharp increase in demolition- related displacements in August. 21 stuctures demolished or sized within or next to the E1 settlement expansion area. Over half of demolitions in East Jerusalem in 2020 carried out by the structures’ owners. Seven donor-funded aid structures demolished/seized, while another nine placed at risk.

10 September 2020 |

An Israeli civilian was killed and an Israeli police officer and a soldier were injured by Palestinians in two separate incidents. On 26 August, a Palestinian stabbed to death an Israeli man in the city of Petah Tikva, in Israel. The suspected assailant, a 46-year-old man from the Nablus area, reportedly holding a work permit, was subsequently arrested. In the West Bank, a Palestinian drove his car into Israeli forces at the Za’atra checkpoint, in the Nablus governorate, causing light injuries to a soldier and a police officer; the driver was shot and injured, reportedly after he exited the car and ran towards the forces while brandishing a knife, and subsequently arrested. On 6 September, a Palestinian attempted to stab an Israeli soldier near the Ariel settlement (Salfit) and was arrested.

8 September 2020 |
Photo by World Health Organization

The number of active COVID-19 cases rose by over 33 per cent and exceeds 11,000; 57 more people died. 1,100 more cases of community transmission, and another six fatalities, reported in Gaza. The lockdown in Gaza is slightly eased and a night-time curfew is expected in many East Jerusalem neighbourhoods. The Inter-Agency Response Plan for the oPt is 45 per cent funded.

28 August 2020 |
Photo by World Health Organization

The overall number of COVID-19 cases rose by forty per cent and 45 more people died. First cases of community transmission reported in Gaza, leading to two fatalities. Complete lockdown in Gaza, amidst intensified hostilities and a significant decline in power supply.

27 August 2020 |

Two Palestinians, including a child, were shot and killed, and three others were injured, by Israeli forces in two separate incidents in the West Bank.

26 August 2020 |
One home demolished in Abu George Bedouin - Nkheila community (Jerusalem), 8 July 2020. The family is facing its second demolition and displacement in one month. Photo by OCHA.

27 inhabited homes demolished since the start of the pandemic, despite announced moratorium. Ten additional structures demolished using expedited procedure (Military Order 1797). Four humanitarian aid structures demolished and another eight placed at risk.

13 August 2020 |

On 7 August, a 23-year-old Palestinian woman was shot and killed at her home during clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces in Jenin City. The clashes occurred during a search and arrest operation, during which Palestinian youths threw stones and home-made explosives at Israeli forces, which responded by shooting tear gas canisters. The woman was hit by a live bullet while closing the window of her home, reportedly to prevent the entry of tear gas. The ambulance that evacuated the woman to the hospital was also hit by live bullets. Palestinian sources attributed the fatal shooting to Israeli forces. According to the Israeli military, as cited by the media, the Israeli force involved in the incident did not use live ammunition. The clashes ended without injuries or arrests.

12 August 2020 |
Photo by the World Health Organization

The overall number of COVID-19 cases rises by almost forty per cent and 32 more people die. The number of active cases remains stable at around 8,000. The Rafah Crossing between Gaza and Egypt re-opened for the first time since mid-May.

30 July 2020 |

Twenty Palestinians were injured by Israeli forces in various clashes across the West Bank. This is around 80 per cent below the average of such injuries since the beginning of 2020. Fourteen of the injuries were sustained during clashes that erupted in two separate protests against the establishment of two settlement outposts in the vicinity ‘Asira ash Shamaliya and Beita villages (both in Nablus); the outposts were subsequently dismantled by the Israeli authorities. The other six Palestinians, including a child, were injured during clashes triggered by search and arrest operations in the refugee camps of Balata (Nablus), Al Jalazun (Ramallah) and Jenin, and in Tulkarm city.

30 July 2020 |
Beit Lahia dumpsite, northern Gaza. Credit: UNDP

End of Palestinian Authority coordination with Israel in response to annexation threat: decision already impacting medical referrals. Waste Away: Living next to a dumpsite. Unprotected: settler attacks against Palestinians on the rise amidst the outbreak of COVID-19