West Bank demolitions and displacement: recent trends | March 2016
14 March 2016 |
Al Farisiya, Jordan Valley, 11 February 2016

March 2016 recorded almost four times the monthly average for demolitions in 2015. Most demolitions were on the grounds of lack of a building permit, which is nearly impossible to acquire. This presentation covers structures demolished, including humanitarian assistance, as of mid-March 2016.

East Jerusalem, Key Humanitarian Concerns | March 2011
29 March 2011 |

Changing boundaries of Jerusalem | Key findings of report: increasing humanitarian vulnerability in East Jerusalem, increasing isolation of East Jerusalem | 'Push factors' affecting East Jerusalem residents | Importance of East Jerusalem as a focus for the rest of the West Bank and Gaza Strip | The way forward - recommendations

Shrinking Space: Presentation on urban contraction and rural fragmentation of Bethlehem Governorate | May 2009
7 May 2009 |
Shrinking Space

This presentation examines how Israeli measures, such as the Barrier, settlements and closures have impacted Palestinian livelihoods, development and residential expansion in the Bethlehem governorate. Only 13% of Bethlehem land is available for Palestinian use out of 660 sq. kilometres and much of it is fragmented. However, actions like freezing construction of the Barrier inside the West Bank, and opening closed military areas and nature reserves for Palestinian development, could restore parts of the lost space to the governorate.