Emergency Response Fund

The emergency pooled fund for the oPt, the Emergency Response Fund (ERF), provides rapid allocation and disbursement of funds to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and UN agencies to support humanitarian activities at the sudden onset of emergencies. There are two priorities for ERF funding; one is to support rapid response needed at the onset of emergencies before mainstream responses come on line. Normally these responses would seek to provide urgently needed interventions and/or prevent further erosion of livelihood assets and coping mechanisms of the affected communities.

The second priority is to strategically fill gaps in funding or within a cluster response plan as included in the HPC. This can include supporting projects for which funding is delayed or filling gaps between two funding cycles to prevent major impact on peoples’ lives, such as maintaining crucial provision of basic humanitarian delivery or initiating responses to prevent further deterioration in their livelihoods.

The ERF is managed by OCHA on behalf of the Humanitarian Coordinator with the support of OCHA and the Review Board. In addition, an Advisory Board provides general policy and strategy guidance on the overall ERF process and priorities. Members of the ERF Advisory Board include the donors to the fund and representatives of national and international NGOs and UN agencies.

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ERF Guidelines:
» Global ERF Guidlines
» IASC Gender Marker
» MoU for UN Agenices
» Project Revision Request Form
» Grant Agreement with NGOs
» Grant Agreement with UN Agencies
» Budget Preparation guidelines
» Budget and Financial Statement NGOs
» Budget and Financial Statement UN
» Progress Narrative Reporting Template
» Final Narrative Reporting Template - GMS
» Final Narrative Reporting Template

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ERF Manager / OCHA
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