Reported Access Incidents of Humanitarian Organizations
 WestBank data is available from: Jan, 2007 to: December , 2013
 Gaza data is available from: Jul, 2009 to: December , 2013
From: To :  

 Number of incidents in this period:

17 Incident(s)

 Staff hours lost due to access delays: 23:40 Hours

 Number of incidents involving UN staff members:   14 Incident(s) ( 82%)  

 Number of incidents involving INGOs staff members:: 3 Incident(s)  ( 18%)

 Top 10 checkpoints by number of incidents:


 Cause of incidents:      

 Who caused incidents

The ACIS is a system for reporting on access incidents for humanitarian organiaztions (UN and International NGOs and their implementing national NGSo). Examples of incidents are demand for body searches, denial of access, consfiscation of ID and so forth.

To report an incident using the ACIS, please fill out our form available in: Acrobat Reader [ 20 Kb]. After saving the file to your computer email it to us ( Please include the word ACIS in the subject of your email message.  
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