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Gaza Crisis

Situation Overview

On 7 July 2014, a humanitarian emergency was declared in the Gaza Strip, following a severe escalation in hostilities, involving intense Israeli aerial and navy bombardment and Palestinian rocket fire. Hostilities de-escalated following an open-ended ceasefire which entered into force on 26 August. The scale of destruction, devastation and displacement during the 50 days of conflict is unprecedented in Gaza, since at least the start of the Israeli occupation in 1967. The humanitarian impact of these hostilities comes against a backdrop of heightened vulnerability and instability in Gaza. In the aftermath, the humanitarian community is working hard to respond to the needs of all 1.8 residents of the Gaza Strip while advocating for transformational changes, including a lifting of the 7-year-old blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip.

Facts and Figures
Palestinians killed, including at least 1,483 civilians, of whom 521 are children and 283 are women.
Israelis killed, including 66 soldiers, a security coordinator and four civilians. One foreign national civilian was also killed in Israel.
Palestinians displaced at the height of the hostilities; Over 100,000 still displaced.
Housing units destroyed or severely damaged.
Palestinians homeless
    As of 15 October 2014
Data on fatalities is consolidated by the Protection Cluster, led by OHCHR, and is subject to change based on further verifications. For sources of other information, see the reports below.
Video: Gaza Emergency 2014
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Situation Reports
OCHA with humanitarian partners:
GAZA INITIAL RAPID ASSESSMENT  | English Summary | Arabic Summary
Gaza Emergency Situation Report (as of 04 September 2014, 0800 hrs)
Gaza Emergency Situation Report (as of 28 August 2014, 0800 hrs)
Gaza Emergency Situation Report (as of 27 August 2014, 0800 hrs)
  UNRWA’s latest daily situation reports from Gaza
Maps / Info-graphics
GAZA STRIP : Humanitarian Dashboard | November 2014
GAZA STRIP : Humanitarian Dashboard | September 2014  | Arabic
Occupied Palestinian Territory: Gaza emergency Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 29 August 2014, 8:00 hrs)
Occupied Palestinian Territory: Gaza emergency Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 25 August 2014, 8:00 hrs)
Occupied Palestinian Territory: Gaza emergency Humanitarian Snapshot (as of 20 August 2014, 8:00 hrs)
Gaza Strip: Shelters opened & pre-selected for hosting Internally Displaced People, as of 19 of August
Gaza Crisis Satellite Poster
Damage Assessment in Atatra, Gaza Strip - Occupied Palestinian Territory

United Nations warns of “rapidly unfolding” health disaster in Gaza
Statements by the Secretary-General
1 August: Aid agencies request US$ 369 million to meet urgent needs in Gaza and call for safe access
16 July: Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Valerie Amos, statement on the Occupied Palestinian Territory
Contact information
Katleen Maes, Head of the humanitarian Emergency Operations Center in Gaza, maes@un.org, 00972 59 291 1047.
Yehezkel Lein, Head of the Humanitarian Information Centre, lein@un.org, 00972 54 331 1809.
Cluster Coordinators
Media focal points for humanitarian partners
Latest Facebook Posts

Resource Mobilization
Gaza Crisis Appeal | September 2014 Revised
Gaza Crisis Appeal 2014 - Arabic
On 9 September, the Deputy Prime Minister of the State of Palestine, H.E. Dr. Mohammad Mustafa, and the Humanitarian Coordinator, Mr. James W. Rawley, released the updated Gaza Crisis Appeal, based on the findings of the Multi-Cluster Initial Rapid Assessment (MIRA). The 2014 Gaza Crisis Appeal requests $551 million in support of the vulnerable population of the Gaza Strip affected by the recent escalation of hostilities . It focuses on displaced persons, the injured, the elderly, children, and women, as well as farmers and fishermen who have lost their livelihoods. The Appeal includes the provision of food assistance and basic supplies; expanding access to health, water and education; and meeting the protection needs of the population, including psychosocial support. Assistance will be provided by the Government, UN agencies, and international and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
Gaza Crisis Appeal | September 2014 Revised
Joint Press Release: Aid agencies request $551 million for urgent humanitarian needs for civilians affected by the Gaza Crisis
Gaza Emergency Preliminary Needs and Requirements as of 18th of July
The immediate priority is to ensure the physical and mental well-being of civilians affected by the escalating conflict and provide them with coping mechanisms in the context of an accelerated humanitarian deterioration. The increased caseload of IDPs has also necessitated a focused IDP response among other priority areas which include: Provision of basic services including water; health; energy and solid waste collection; Food Security and Psychosocial support
Gaza Emergency Preliminary Needs and Requirements
HCT 2014 Gaza Crisis Appeal
Click here to donate to the Emergency Response Fund in the occupied Palestinian territory
Your donation will help humanitarian NGOs and UN agencies in the occupied Palestinian territory to assist the most vulnerable communities affected by sudden onset emergencies and urgently requiring food, water, shelter and other basic needs. Through this rapid and flexible response mechanism, your funding can be truly life-saving
More information
Strategic Response Plan for the oPt
The 2014 Strategic Response Plan (SRP) for the oPt presents the strategy of humanitarian actors in oPt to address the most urgent humanitarian and protection needs of 1.9 million vulnerable Palestinians. The vast majority of those affected are in the Gaza Strip.
Of the $390 million requested by the 2014 SRP, almost 60% (or $221 million) is for projects to assist vulnerable Gazans. Immediate funding for top priority projects identified by the clusters for the Gaza Strip can help address some of the urgent needs emerging from the current crisis.
Fact Sheet
Full SRP for the oPt

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